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The far-sighted vision of Mandolin Maestro Padmashree U. Shrinivas has paved the way for the setting up of a unique Music School - "Shrinivas Institute of World Music" (SIOWM).

This institution is one of its kind; unique, marvellous, enthralling, enchanting - in short, an experience that would make life worth living. Every class breathes life into the dreams and aspirations of us students. This blog is a humble attempt to express the joy and excitement we experience in our classes, and also our inexpressible gratitude to our Guruji.

It is our great privilege to welcome you to discover what a great experience learning carnatic music is.

Bienvenue! Swaagatham!


It was like a ray of sunlight hitting my darkest dreams and fantasies when I joined SIOWM nearly six years ago. Initially, I couldn’t comprehend it at all; I just couldn’t believe I was learning under one of the greatest musicians in the world. I was just eight then, and it was like skipping through the rainbow-coloured halls of fantasy. Days went past, I continued to grow, and the institute grew with me too. Every class was like stepping into another life, far away from the troubles of school life. Every class brought a thoroughly new experience with it – there was not just music to be learnt; and the humility of my Guru left me amazed and also inspired. Various anecdotes cropped up through the progress of every class, revealing incredible insights into my Guru’s life, and reminding me how far there was to go, and how less I was working.
SIOWM has taught me so much, and I am grateful and deeply indebted to my Guru for what he has taught me.


Parent of student:
"My son S. Arvind has been under the tutelage of the great Mandolin Maestro Padmashree U. Shrinivas for the past ten years. Having learnt music myself for several years, I can really appreciate the great privilege all these students enjoy having him as a Guru. It is indeed rare to find a great artist of his calibre who always makes learning an experience in itself. The amount of patience, sensitivity and the individual attention he bestows on each student is astounding. Whether performing or teaching, he remains the same smiling person always. We try to attend not only his concerts but even all his classes since it is a real treat to watch him teach all his students lovingly. No wonder he is a great hit with all his students. I do hope that along with music they will pick up some of his unique and wonderful characteristics. May God bless Mandolin U. Shrinivas and his school with all the happiness and prosperity."

S. Gnaha Prasuna


My first music class was ten years back. I was too young when I joined SIOWM (six years old). This is where I discovered how a wonderful teacher is classified. Our Guruji teaches us with great Patience until we play perfectly without mistakes, without the slightest irritation when we make mistakes. This is another world, a world where I learnt values along with music. Shrinivas guruji makes the toughest note seem as simple as the first lesson. It is God’s grace that I am learning music from one of the best teachers in the world.


My feeling for my Guruji Mandolin U. Shrinivasji cannot be expressed in words. Learning from him is a divine experience. It is a great joy to be with him. Classes with him touch the very chords of my soul.
For the world, he is one of the greatest musicians, but for me, he is the greatest guru – a guru with unending patience and energy.
I always look forward to his music classes and the rhythm of my life feels disturbed when there are no classes. My very existence would have been meaningless without his guidance.

SIOWM Group Photo:

Mandolin U. Shrinivas and his students:

from left, Arvind, Vikaasa Ramdas, Sai Kiran, Shankar (bottom), Chaitanya, Darshan, Mandolin U. Shrinivas, Balaji Rajamani, Vardaan Tewari, Roshini (bottom)