Parent of student:
"My son S. Arvind has been under the tutelage of the great Mandolin Maestro Padmashree U. Shrinivas for the past ten years. Having learnt music myself for several years, I can really appreciate the great privilege all these students enjoy having him as a Guru. It is indeed rare to find a great artist of his calibre who always makes learning an experience in itself. The amount of patience, sensitivity and the individual attention he bestows on each student is astounding. Whether performing or teaching, he remains the same smiling person always. We try to attend not only his concerts but even all his classes since it is a real treat to watch him teach all his students lovingly. No wonder he is a great hit with all his students. I do hope that along with music they will pick up some of his unique and wonderful characteristics. May God bless Mandolin U. Shrinivas and his school with all the happiness and prosperity."

S. Gnaha Prasuna

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